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Broker Client Registration

Canalside Developers, Inc. is soliciting the cooperation of area Brokers in selling our new homes. We will
be pleased to pay you a Broker Referral Fee of 3% of the final contract sale price, at closing, on all
qualified Broker referral prospects. To qualify for a Broker referral: (1) the Purchaser must not have been
registered as a prospect by a Canalside Developers salesperson; and (2) except for a proper telephone
registration, or pre-registration, you (the Broker or Agent) must accompany your prospective Purchasers in
person to the Canalside Developers Sales Office and register them on their initial visit.

If you are unable to accompany your prospective Purchasers on their initial visit, you may visit the Sales
Office in advance and pre-register your client for a thirty (30) day period. On rare occasions, you may be
unable to visit the Sales Office. You may register your prospective Purchasers by telephone prior to their
visit. A telephone registration is valid for 48 hours only. If the registration form is not signed in the
Canalside Developers Office by you within the 48-hour period then these prospects will not be registered in
your name and you will not be paid a referral fee. No Broker registration will be accepted after the
prospective Purchaser has come to the Canalside Developers Office and registered on their own. Any
Broker registration is effective only for 30 days from the date of registration. Upon expiration of any 30
day period, you (the Broker or Agent) must re-qualify by signing a new Broker Client Registration form.

In order to qualify for this Broker Referral Fee, you must be employed as a licensed Real Estate Agent
and/or Broker with an active Real Estate Company.

Canalside Developers reserves the right to discontinue this 3% Referral Fee Program at any time without
prior notice.

Your referral fee for the above referenced prospective Purchasers, should they enter into an Contract under
the terms of this agreement, is acknowledged and protected by this document.

No split referral fees will be paid. In the event that two Brokers register a Purchaser, prior to or
contemporaneous with the initial visit to the community, then at the time of signing the contract, the
Purchaser shall designate which of the two Brokers will be paid.

Please indicate your acceptance of the above terms by signing in the space indicated below.

Download the Broker Client Registration Form (.PDF) or complete the online form below.

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