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Realtor Referral Policy

The payment of a Referral Fee is part of the Canalside Developers, Inc. marketing
program and is offered to the area Real Estate Professionals as an incentive for assisting in the sale of our homes.

To receive a Referral Fee:

  • A Real Estate Professional must sign and fully complete, including the
    prospective purchaser’s name, the Canalside Developers, Inc. Broker
    Client Registration form;
  • A Real Estate Professional must register a client prior to or
    contemporaneous with the prospective purchaser’s initial visit;
  • The registration may be either by phone or in person;
  • If registered by phone, the Broker Client Registration Form must be
    signed and in the Sales Office within 48 hours of the phone registration.

A Broker Client Registration form cannot be accepted by Canalside Developers, Inc. after the prospective purchaser has visited the Model / Sales Office and registered on their own.

All Referral Fee disbursements will be made at the time of closing.

Download the Real Estate Professional Referral Policy as a .PDF